Sunday, August 12, 2012

Create Locked Password Protected Folder Without Using Any Software

Yes, you can create a locked password protected folder without using any third party software. While surfing on internet i found a .BAT script that creates a folder with password protection. You have to only copy & paste this script, put your password and you are done!

Here are the steps :
1) Open notepad. Copy and paste below script and save file as lock.bat
if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK
if NOT EXIST MyFolder goto MDMyFolder
echo Are you sure to lock this folder? (Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren MyFolder "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to Unlock Your Secure Folder
set/p "pass=>"
if NOT %pass%== Your_password_goes_here goto FAIL
attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" MyFolder
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md MyFolder
echo MyFolder created successfully
goto End

2) Now when you double click on lock.bat, it will create a new folder named "MyFolder". You can put your private data into this folder.
3) After that again double click on lock.bat, it will hide the MyFolder. To show this folder click on lock.bat and enter your password.

 4) In this type, there is one type of drawback that anyone can see your password. You have to just right click on lock.bat-->choose "edit" and you can see source for file lock.bat.
5) The solution is to convert this .bat file to .exe file. By doing this nobody can view source for lock.exe. But you have to download "Bat to Exe converter" for this.
6) Download Link for : "Bat to Exe converter"
7) Open converter and select path of your .bat file and click on compile.

8) Done ! Delete the lock.bat file and Enjoy your locked password protected folder.


  1. Its visible when you click on show hidden folders.
    guess you didn't "test" it properly :P