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Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Create Simple Text Logo In Photoshop

Today we are going to create a text logo using some simple blending options in Photoshop cs3. Photoshop makes it easy to create different types of logos without having too much knowledge about designing or Photoshop tools. It means you do not have to be expert in Photoshop. It is easy to make Text Logo for newbies using Photoshop.

What are we going to do ?

We are going to create simple text logo like this one :

create simple logo in photoshop

Let's Start To Create Simple Text Logo In Photoshop :

1) Open Photoshop, go to file --> click on new. Enter the following details in the box and click OK.

create simple logo in photoshop cs3

2) Select horizontal type tool and choose font type, color, size etc what you want.

make simple logo in photoshop

3) Type the Text you want. After that click on layer 1 (at right side, under the layer tab). You will notice that when you click on layer 1 its name will change to text you have typed.

create simple logo in photoshop

4) Select the move tool () and move the text to the center of the box. Now  to add blending effects to text just select the layer "tech ehub" and click on "add layer style" button. Choose blending options from that list.
create simple logo in photoshop

5) A window for layer style will open. Select the blending effects you want to add to your text and click on OK.
create simple logo in photoshop

6) That's it. You have done with your simple Text logo. In next tutorial we will see how to create text logo like below :

create text logo in photoshop

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Make Simple Website Layout Using Dreamweaver

The most important thing for a website is its layout. The layout should design according to SEO. The SEO stands for search engine optimization which is essential to improve your websites visibility in search engines.

In this tutorial we are going to design a simple and SEO optimize website layout using Dreamweaver cs5. We are also providing  a video tutorial on this topic at the end for more details.

Website Layout have following sections :
1) Header
2) Navigation Panel
3) SideWidgets
4) Body
5) Footer
How to make Basic Website Layout Using Dreamweaver cs5 :

1) Open Dreamweaver cs5 and select new HTML document.
2) Go to design view. Select layout tab and click on insert div tag.
 3) Enter the name of the class as "mainWrapper" and click on the new CSS rule. A CSS rule windows will open.
 4) In new CSS rule window, under the rule definition heading, select new style sheet file.
 5) A new window will appear to save this new style sheet file. Enter the name of the new style sheet file and click save.
 6) A window for CSS rule definition will appear. Select the box and enter the desired width and height then Click OK.
7) This is the outer layout. Now we have to add separate div for header, navigation, side-widget, body and footer.
8) The process is same as above except the 4th and 6th step. In 4th step just select style.css from drop down. In the 6th step, float is important for other sections. Choose left from drop down menu.
9) Repeat the same for each sections (navigation, side-widget, body, footer). To add navigation div, select the header div and press left key then insert new div and go with above procedure.
10) Below is the video tutorial for this topic. It covers complete layout design step by step.   
For more Details See a video tutorial :

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