Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Convert Webpage To PDF Using FireFox Add-ons

Print Pages to Pdf gives you the ability to Convert a webpage, selected Bookmarks (like Bookmarkfolder or a list of Bookmarks), open Browsertabs or, if installed Scrapbook(Plus) pages into one Pdf Document.
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The AddOn does this work without sending any content over the Internet, the whole work is done locally for privacy reasons.

Features :   
1) Converting a webpage to Pdf
2) Converting all open tabs into a single pdf
3) Converting a selection of Bookmarks into a single pdf
4) Converting all links inside a Bookmark Folder into a single pdf
5) Converting a selection of Scrapbook pages into a single pdf
6) Converting all links inside a Scrapbook Folder into a single pdf
7) Pure local processing, no Data is sent to other sites over the network full Privacy!
Installation :
Installing the AddOn "Print pages to Pdf" is done by the usual Installation mechanism of Firefox. The easiest way is, to navigate with the following link to Mozillas AddOn Plattform .
From this page use the Button "Add to Firefox" and follow the normal instructions of Firefox.
 Don't forget to restart Firefox after installation.
How To Use :
The Tools Menu now contains the "Print pages to Pdf" submenu. From here you can select to print the actual Tab, print all Tabs doing this in text only  Format, accessing the preferences window or opening the Processing window.
For sure the fastest way to access the AddOn's menu is by using the keyboard shortcut:

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  1. Pretty cool ! Its also in Chrome. Ctrl + P.