Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to get google to display Did you mean : [your name]

If you are searching something on Google and by mistake you mistyped, then  Google shows you did you mean : [correct keyword or phrase]. One day while surfing on internet I was wondered by seeing a photo,  uploaded by my friend. In that photo he searched phrase “greatest superstar of India” on Google and Google shows results as “did you mean : [his Name]”. So I tried to figure out how he did that. You want to know how to do this, lets do it.

How to Get Google to Display “Did you mean : [your name]”

google did you mean
 1) There is a dummy website in which you have to put your phrase and it shows results very similar to Google result page.
2) Go to : Gooogle
3) You have to Fill three fields
Your Search : Type what  you want seen in the URL of the page like (e.g. Best cs1.6 gamer in the world)
Did you mean : type what you want to appear in the “did you mean” part(e.g. Your name)
 Highlight : type what you want to be highlighted
google did you mean your name
 4) Now click on Gooogle button, then it shows three different options to share your page. To see result page, just click on image below option no 3.
google did you know name
 5) When you click on image, it shows result page which looks very similar to that of Google when it shows "Did you mean".
6) When you select first option, it add a image to your favorite social network or you can go for option no three--> print screen--> paste in paint--> crop --> upload. See how many like you will get or how your friends comment on your photo. Just For Fun !